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>>> Oh, I find the fact that some people consider Kou to be the equal of Gato
>>to be very funny indeed.
>>It is completely obvious that Gato was a far better man and pilot then Kou.
>>He really fought for something he believed in, and died for it in the end.
>How does fighting for something you believed in and dying for it makes one
>a better man? Does that mean Hitler and his Nazi soldiers were better men
>then American teenagers who got drafted into a war they didn't even believe
>in fighting?

since good and evil are subjective in the UC universe, I'd throw in with saying Gato's a better man (again, this view is subjective, and I'm gonna take the Zeon side), because he had a cause that he believed was honorable (continuing the Zeon cause which was put to an abrupt halt by the Federation and the power struggles inside Zeon itself) and was willing to die for it, provided he completed the objective he set out for. Federation-wise, of course that's a different matter.

better pilot? well...yes, but if 0083 had been played longer, Kou would have the chance to be equal or even better than Gato. one thing though, Kou has got to lose that hot temper because most of the time he fights with Gato he flares up and that impairs his combat ability (thinking rationally, etc.), thus giving Gato the edge.

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