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And that's what I loved about Gundam. I watched Robotech as a young child and I
was shocked when
Fokker and Ben died but I wasn't overly traumatized but I was like "WHOA!!!"
Even then I could tell
the story lines were better and more realistic than somebody firing a missile
point blank at a helicopter and all
aboard jumping out and surviving ala G.I. Joe. *Laughs* I used to think if I
got in a war I could jump out of the tank before the missile hit.

Chris Maier wrote:

> I agree with you partially there. There's a lot of death of semi-major
> characters in Gundam, but the only major ones that die in Wing are the
> characters we've pretty much been shown to hate(Dermail, Tuberov) and
> Trieze. In the original Gundam,0080, and what I've seen of Zeta, it's shown
> that the wars have a very real-and rather nasty-effect on civilians, not
> only the soldiers. I think that actually the original Gundam might upset
> some kids, I've actually heard of kids getting upset by the death of Trieze.
> Sure,major characters in Sailor Moon and Dragonball Z die, but the thing is,
> with a few exceptions, they all come back to life through some magic or
> something to that fashion. In Gundam, they're dead and pretty much stay
> dead.
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> Indeed. I saw the same thing on Gundam MUSH before we posted numerous
> notices that we were NOT gundam Wing... An example of the 'shining' level
> of Character applications these youngsters do is as follows...
> "I would like a character sort of like the DeahScythe Hell... and I wanna be
> a pilot JUST like Duo.. Duo rocks.. he is witty, quick, and doesnt heasitate
> to kill."
> Needless to say, this character application was turned down with a polite
> referral to the Gundam Project. But the problem is that this application is
> symptomatic of the situation. I'm glad that Gundam is reaching a broader
> audience. But the worry I have is that the new audience brought in by
> Gundam Wing isn't going to like the original series. Not only because of
> the old style of artwork, but also because the story is so much more mature,
> and doesn't glorify war... Because that is what Wing does. It glorifies
> war, even as it tries to make you think that it's anti-war...
> How about some of the other old timers. What's your take on this?
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