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>The RX-78 with all the trimmings (I think that's what they
>called the perfect gundam). Freakin wierd MS man. The way
>they colored it looks like it has this big huge neon sign
>pointing right at saying that "there's a gundam over here"
>that totally ruins the whole idea of using minovsky to

well, it was never meant to be visually cloaked, I think, just hard to lock
on to...I mean, precisely how do you cloak a big MS, unless you have the DS
series hyperjammers with holographic cloaking abilities?

>the Virsago is actually a cool looking mech, if it only
>didn't have this stomach cannon....

yeah, that was pretty funny...

>the tentacled mech Koroso was using, tacky.
>the color scheme for Hajime Katoki's DeathScythe....

not such a bad idea, though It would have been better if it were using the
off-white of the gp02.

>the wing zero kinda looks fat.
>the altron's pretty cool, but what is wrong with that

aye well, I guess that's why those guys needed retcons...

>the G-3 looks like it was painted with primer (I did this
>to my 144 RX-78 and it does look like the G-3).

for all we know, the reason why it's painted that way is because it was
primer, LOL!

>Full armor Hyaku shiki, very tacky. and its gold! least it's not hard to spot it in the hangar, LOL!

>the MS of series aces really do stand out, don't they, with
>all the bright flashy colors that ruin any chance of
>stealthy actions... and yet they do, and they get away with
>it. Isn't it a total embarrasemnt to have this huge bright
>shiny mech sneak up behind you?

I think it's the red baron mentality at work here....

If I wanted to rage against the dying of the light, I would have brought a

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