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Oh c'mon...who else can beat the original...it's like saying Kou can beat
Amuro!!! ^^;;

>aaaaaaaaaaaaagh!!! fie on you, eddie! :) you just
>woke this slumbering lurker with saying hikaru is
>worse than kou. unforgiveable! inconceivable!
>anyway, i won't add on what everyone's said about what
>happened to hikaru, misa and minmei. technicalities
>and datelines aside, they're all correct. in both
>robotech and original japanese versions, hikaru ended
>up with misa anyway. i wonder what part shoji
>kawamori had a hand in, regarding 0083's whirlwindlove
>anyay, the hikaru vs. kou is a no-brainer (much as i
>also hate this brainless kou-bashing going on)
>1) piloting skills
>hikaru by a long shot. hikaru's been flying stunt
>circus since he was a kid, and kou's still flying
>target practice for the real pilots.
>kou may have some latent piloting ability, but it sure
>never matured throughout the series, even as hikaru
>was getting comfy with the valkyries from day one.
>even hikaru's, er, 'familiarization flight' went off
>better than kou's disastrous shakedown. hikaru ended
>up hitting on minmei and misa, and kou ended up
>getting his buddies killed.
>2) character role
>hikaru by a long shot. we could all blame the story
>writers for caging kou into the role of a "tragic
>failure of a hero", but that wouldn't get us very far.
>hikaru and kou are both basically in the same boat as
>their respective sagas start -- authority problems.
>hikaru grew up and took on greater responsibilities as
>a team player and eventually team leader (when fokker
>died). kou remained the rather immature maverick
>pilot (even after burning died in what is possibly the
>worst written death of all time) who just couldn't get
>things done no matter how hard he tried or how big the
>mech he flew.
>kou had the odds stacked against him? nah. try a
>couple million zentradi flagships. or how about
>facing down an angry breetai, or worse -- an angry
>misa. :P
>3) romancing the opposite gender.
>hikaru by a long shot. geez, kou never even left home
>base with nina. all that geekiness never left kou's
>person (even till the end), while hikaru had virtually
>none of it to begin with.
>with minmei, hikaru was stealing third base before he
>got to first. and with misa, he got batted right back
>to home base.
>i'm not really sure hikaru was totally indecisive in
>picking a woman. heck, for a soap opera, his
>progression from being head over heels with minmey, to
>gradual disenchantment over her, to realizing what
>misa meant was nicely done (of course, that's just imo
>as a macross fanboy). that's simplifying things a
>bit, as it was never that smooth (e.g. hikaru standing
>misa up on their picnic date) -- i should say that
>hikaru's supposed "indecision" wasn't borne out of the
>immaturity and inexperience that plagued kou (who
>couldn't even ask nina out on a movie date), but more
>of being comfortable in playing both fields (and
>pushing "understanding" to new limits) and taking his
>time picking the picks.
>4) brownie points -- hikaru's got the cooler hairdo,
>by far. kou's do only makes him look like a

>wet-behind-the-ears pilot. :P
>hikaru ichijo is da man.
>'nuff outta me.
>--- Edward Ju <gundam@loop.com> wrote:
>> >Um, who are you talking about? Hikaru? I'm seem to
>> recall that in the end,
>> >he ends up marrying Misa, and they both invite
>> Minmei to go with them on the
>> >Megaroad-01, which she agrees to.
>> >
>> >Roland
>> Hmm, either that episode is missing on the DVD, or
>> this was from the Macross
>> movie or Robotech? I vaguely recall this ending
>> too, which was why I was so
>> surprised when I saw that the TV series ended with
>> Minmei leaving Hikaru and
>> the relationship between Misa and Hikaru remained
>> unresolved.
>> Eddie
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