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Edward Ju wrote:
> >i haven't seen 0080 so i'm going to assume you mean the Alex got stomped
> >by something less than beam-weapons/heavy bazookas.. keep in mind that
> >while the original RX-78 could shrug-off hits from Zaku 120mm machine
> >guns consider what those guns were fireing.. untill after operation V
> >there was nothing like a Mobile suit that a Zaku would have to face.. so
> >thier ammo loads would likely reflect the types of targets they Would
> >have to face.. tanks and fitghters with conventional armor plating..
> Hmm... looks like you didn't see the original series or its movie
> trilogy compilation either. One of the primary roles the Zaku I and IIs
> played during the pre-Gundam phase of the war was ship killer. We are
> talking about sink battleships that are well armored... probably better
> than a mobile suit.
> Eddie
*Les owns a copy of the dubbed original movie trilogy, but anyway*
granted the were.. that's what the big honking bazooka's were for.. you
don't kill battleships wiht machine-guns i don't care what calibur they

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