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Edward Ju wrote:

> >But the fact is Hikaru didn't get no pussy! There are way too many anime guys
> >that are indecisive like Hikaru and he is definitely not the worst. Kasuga
> >Kyosuke in KOR, Godai in Maisson Ikkoku, the D.N.A. guy, the Video Girl Ai
> >loser, the I''s moron, etc. We are talking blue balls galore here!
> LOL... very true.
> >> > and look what happened to him in the end - both women left him. At least
> >> > Kou managed to keep Nina in the end.
> >
> >I don't think that was the case, Misa was there to admit defeat because she
> >knew she couldn't compete with Minmey. Once Hikaru made it apparent that he
> >would prefer to be with her (decided to leave Minmay to join in the fight
> >against Gum Jing in all that chaos),

Bizarre romanization alert! Gum jing? I've seen it as Kamjin, Kamujin, and Quamzin
(my favorite) but Gum jing? Is this the Chinese version of Macross? ^_^

> I think the series made it pretty clear
> >that Misa will go back to him.
> That's a debatable point - I don't think Hikaru joins the fray as an
> expression that he choose Misa over Minmey - he fights to protect his
> friends and loved ones, which I believe was spelled out rather clearly.

I disagree. you could tell he had deeper feelings for Misa all along, but like most
guys he was easily distracted by pretty things. ^_^

> His sense of duty as a soldier took over at the time of crisis. The only
> "clue" I could see of Misa going back to Hikaru was Minmey's volunteered
> leaving Hikaru at the last scene.

She left him be cause she could see that he and Misa belonged together... They were
part of the same world.

> The thing is Hikaru has been totally oblivious to Misa's affection for him
> all along until one of the bridge bunnies told him he was being insensitive
> to Misa (this was around the tea episode IIRC) when he jokingly asked her
> out on a date. Their relationship didn't really "blossom" (for the lack of
> a better word) until Hikaru came to the realization and asked Misa out on a
> picnic date. After his missing the date, I don't think they ever really
> reconciled prior to Misa's confession.


> That was the whole point though - the way the TV series ended was to leave
> the audience hanging as to what happens to this triangle, and the marriage
> between Hikaru and Misa was more like an afterthought whether it was due
> to fan pressure or not, much like how the Gerbera Tetra "turned out" to be
> the GP04 that never was.

Mabey the marrige... but it's pretty clear that they are together in the last
episode, and DYRL+ 2012 absolutely confirm it.>> Man, the last 6 episodes of Macross
were still the most depressing anime

> I'd say she'd have won Hikaru over sooner if she wasn't so stubborn and
> fought with Hikaru constantly - you have to admit she really blew it several
> times when there was a chance for reconciliation.

Yep, but that what's so great about Macross... the characters are just as stupid as
real people. ^_^

---Brett Jensen

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