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Mon, 14 Aug 2000 22:44:13 -0700 (PDT)

--- Chris Maier <> wrote:
> Okay, we all know that Turn A and G Gundams have perhaps
> the ugliest Gundam
> design. But what's the worst design outside of those two,
> in your opinion?
> Personally, I've never been a huge fan of Okinawara's
> take on Altron(Okawara
> is another story)It just looks too clunky.

here's my two cents on the topic, not really worst, just

The RX-78 with all the trimmings (I think that's what they
called the perfect gundam). Freakin wierd MS man. The way
they colored it looks like it has this big huge neon sign
pointing right at saying that "there's a gundam over here"
that totally ruins the whole idea of using minovsky to

the Virsago is actually a cool looking mech, if it only
didn't have this stomach cannon....

the tentacled mech Koroso was using, tacky.

the color scheme for Hajime Katoki's DeathScythe....

the wing zero kinda looks fat.

the altron's pretty cool, but what is wrong with that

the G-3 looks like it was painted with primer (I did this
to my 144 RX-78 and it does look like the G-3).

Full armor Hyaku shiki, very tacky. and its gold!

the MS of series aces really do stand out, don't they, with
all the bright flashy colors that ruin any chance of
stealthy actions... and yet they do, and they get away with
it. Isn't it a total embarrasemnt to have this huge bright
shiny mech sneak up behind you?

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