Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Mon, 14 Aug 2000 22:30:27 -0700

>I just ordered the MG Zaku from HLJ. Is it any good?

Pretty cool kit, at least Bandai hasn't felt an urge to release a "version
1.5" for it yet. It is not as posable as the recent MG releases, but the
kit is a classic nevertheless - the detailed panel lines puts some of the
newer MG kits to shame still.

>Is it worth 2500 yen?

Hey, it's the cheapest MG kit money can buy!

>Is it hard? It will be my first MG, so I want it to be Hard for some reason.

The hardest task you'll face with this kit will probably be the rolling
tubes you need to put on the conductive cables. You should stick one end
of the inner cable (which the spring goes over before you start rolling the
tubes on) onto something like a piece of foam or PlayDough. Point the other
end upwards. This way the tubes will not roll off the cable. When you are
done, glue both ends onto the Zaku II's body. If you are getting the Zaku I
kit then you don't hve to worry about this at all.

The other problem that's common with both Zaku I and II kits is the monoeye
module, which moves via a set of gears. The teeth on the gears are a bit
too small and tend to skip, in which case the gears is rendered useless for
you to adjust the monoeye, so you'll have to open the head and fix it.
There's really nothing you can do other than creating your own set of gears
I am afraid.



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