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The question came up a few days ago as to the identity of the artist who did the
ZZ Gundam illustration for the cover of the Gundam ZZ Special CD:


Conjecture was that it might be Hajime Katoki, on account of the huge forehead
sensor, which is part of his style. I hazarded a guess that it might be Makoto
Kobayashi, based on a similar exaggeration.

It happens that I have this CD, but it also happens that the front cover art
isn't credited. I also have the Z Gundam Special CD, however, whose cover
illustration looks like this:


This, too, is uncredited, but the background is the same and the mechanical
style similar. The character style is more to the point. Compare this:


And this:


I believe that the Z Gundam Special and Gundam ZZ Special covers are both the
work of Haruhiko Mikimoto.


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