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Hmmm... IIRC there was only 1/100 scale Sazabis released unless they were
JAFCON specials. Like I said, I don't remember about the other resin kit
that was from either Murashiya(sp) or Kotobukiya. There was a 1/144 Sazabi
gun made by B-Club, but it doesn't look like the one you and I are talking
I will keep you posted about my progress.
Meanwhile, if you can snap a pic of that kit from the store and post it, I
would love to see it.
Later :)
Gus Jae
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> << Bill,
> What big rifle are you talking about? Was it the same one I asked about
> couple of days ago? If so, the wave vinyl kit does not have that either.
> Not sure about the old resin kit.
> When I come back from my honeymoon, I plan to scratch build one and see
if a
> friend can cast it. I will keep the list posted. >>
> I think it is the same rifle you were talking about a couple days ago.
> not 100% sure the rifle belongs to the wave kit. All I remember is that a
> Gundam shop in San Francisco call "Sazabi" has a Sazabi model kit with
> rifle. Behind the kit there was the Wave box with the painting of the
> on it. It might have been the 1/72 Sazabi, I'm not sure.
> Bill
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