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>>> - I was in a local model shop the other day trying to buy a few more
>>> Gundam Markers (blast! they didn't have any other colors in stock), and I
>>> saw 3 kids around the Gundam aisle. One had a MG RX-78 in one hand and a
>>> 1/144 Deathscythe in the other and said (gesturing to the RX-78) "I don't
>>> remember this from Gundam, it's boring looking". Bear in mind, this is
>>That's not just Wing Kiddies, honestly how many UC fans thinks that RX-78
>>is not "boring"? The only kind of fans who rate RX-78 as the best Gundam
>>are those who watched 0079 back in the early 80s. The rest falls into the
>>group who love Wing Gundam Custom Zero Kai Heavy Armor Booster Type Mk.II
>>and the group who love MSZ-010S Enhanced ZZ Gundam Double Zeta with
>>Big Mother F**king Gun.
>Ah, check out the results from this Newtype magazine poll for favorite mecha.
>It's at the bottom of the page. Also note the strong showing of many classic
>mechs, including the robot at the #1 position. :)

Whoops. That wasn't a direct link. Goto the news archive for May 2000 and THEN
go to the bottom of the page.

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