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Mon, 14 Aug 2000 19:46:56 -0800

>> - I was in a local model shop the other day trying to buy a few more
>> Gundam Markers (blast! they didn't have any other colors in stock), and I
>> saw 3 kids around the Gundam aisle. One had a MG RX-78 in one hand and a
>> 1/144 Deathscythe in the other and said (gesturing to the RX-78) "I don't
>> remember this from Gundam, it's boring looking". Bear in mind, this is
>That's not just Wing Kiddies, honestly how many UC fans thinks that RX-78
>is not "boring"? The only kind of fans who rate RX-78 as the best Gundam
>are those who watched 0079 back in the early 80s. The rest falls into the
>group who love Wing Gundam Custom Zero Kai Heavy Armor Booster Type Mk.II
>and the group who love MSZ-010S Enhanced ZZ Gundam Double Zeta with
>Big Mother F**king Gun.

Ah, check out the results from this Newtype magazine poll for favorite mecha.
It's at the bottom of the page. Also note the strong showing of many classic
mechs, including the robot at the #1 position. :)


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