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Tue, 15 Aug 2000 02:30:49 GMT

>I just ordered the MG Zaku from HLJ. Is it any good? Is it worth 2500 yen?
>Is it hard? It will be my first MG, so I want it to be Hard for some

It's not particularly hard, but there are some things to watch for...

The soft plastic cores for the leg and waist hoses don't usually like to
stay in their proper holes. You'll need to use superglue to fasten them,
rather than just plugging them in.

The gears for the Mono-eye strip easily, and the Mono-Eye doesn't traverse
very well... Once you build the head, you should leave it in one position.

The articulation for the cockpit hatch leaves a bit to be desired.

The decals you get are a mixture of Dry Transfer (rub on) and peel 'n stick.
  Be very careful with the former, and remember how ugly the latter look...
(What the heck is Bandai's problem with wet transfer decals?)

While you can get away with not painting most parts, I prefer to paint a few
for detail, such as the inside of the mono-eye (A Metallic pink or Red is
good for this, and looks better than the sticker.

The Bazooka doesn't stay together as well as it could. I suggest gluing it.

The heat hawk does need paint to simulate the heated blade...
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