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<< Tomino's Gundam is, frankly, PRO-WAR. It doesn't necessarily approve of
 the guys who start the fighting, but it damn sure endorses fighting back.
 This strikes me as a defensible position - at least when you're dealing
 with a Hitler or a Genghis Khan - but it's not exactly what I'd call
pacifism. >>

Here's what gets me about total pacifism:

 So, fighting back to save your life and/or other's live is bad? I don't see
where Gundam is Pro-War, fighting is sometimes the only option. What if a guy
runs at you with a knife, intending to kill you? It'd be stupid to just stand
there basically saying "Kill Me!", right? Wouldn't you fight back, if your
able, instead of just standing there like an idiot? Correct that, lay there
AS a dead idiot!! :)

  Unprovoked violence is bad, so is fighting, but fighting to protect other's
isn't bad. After all, wasn't that part of Amuro's reason to continue to
fight, was to protect the White Base crew? Amuro hate's fighting and killing,
yet is a vicious killing machine himself. He hate's it, but I believe the
reason he is such a good pilot is because he hates fighting, is desperate and
knows there's no other way for him, at least until the war end's. Fighting's
bad, but not protecting innocents if you are able to, is even more horrible.
White Base is pretty defenseless without MS protecting it. Sure it's got
weapon's, but MS are faster then the guns and a swarm of them could cripple
or destroy White Base. Hitting an MS with a ships gun is like trying to hit a
fly with a BB gun, isn't it?

  Sometimes its either fight or die, mostly in a war. If Amuro hadn't jumped
in the Gundam, he'd probably have been dead. To me, Gundam isn't so much
Pro-War, but is saying fighting and war is bad, but sometimes its either
fight or die. Most sane people wouldn't want to die. A solider with a death
wish is just as bad as a solider going out of his way to live, especially if
his action's cause innocents to die, so he can live .


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