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So, if 0079 is indeed heading for Cartoon Network in 2001, what company
should do the dub? There are currently three major companies involved in
anime dubs on TV now. Ocean, who did Gundam Wing and currently dubs Card
Captor Sakura and in a week Escaflowne. They also do a large chunk of work
for Viz, and are somewhat reknowned for their Ranma 1/2 dub. They're pretty
good, but sometimes they appear to dub up a little too much. I mean, the
casual OZ soldier sounds almost exactly like Wufei, Duo, or Quatre. Also,
some of the voices can really grate on the nerves(General Septum) Not that
this isn't done in the Japanese versions, it's just a little more noticeable
from an American point of view. Also, their dub actors are very good at
catching the development of a character as they develop.
 Then we have ZRO Limit/Animaze, who does the majority of Bandai and
Pioneer's dubs. Usually, they do a very professional job(Especially with
Cowboy Bebop!) and have some really talented voice actors,like Sean
Barker/David Hayter(The voice of Bernie from 0080 and Solid Snake in Metal
Gear Solid. He also wrote X-men) and K. T Vogt(Who appeared in the Mononoke
dub). They also have a lot of Robotech veterans like Wendee Lee and Cam
Clarke. Problem is, sometimes the writers for ZRO screw up the ADR
scripts(Examples being Fushiggi Yuugi and the 0079 movies dub)ZRO did the
Gundam movies, so that might be precendent for them being selected for the
dub cast. (BTW does anybody know the dub actors for the movie dub? If you
don't know their names, just put down characters you think they played in
other animes). However ZRO is only handling a few TV dubs at the moment,
such as "Digimon".
 The third option is TAJ productions, which Pokemon and pretty much
everything Central Park Media does. But I'm not too thrilled with this
group, their dubs don't really appeal to me(Not to mention the majority of
the anime they import, but that's besides the point). But honestly, they
don't do the greatest job.
  A fourth option would be for Bandai to do the dubbing itself, a la AD
Vision or Funimation. But they would'nt do something like that.

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