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Due to my Gundam modelling web site, I've been getting a great surge in
email from Gundam fans, asking various modelling-related questions. Many of
them have obviously been written by young kids who have poor spelling,
grammar and capitalization skills. However, I try my best to answer their
questions and educate them about modelling and Gundam. It's true that
many of them rub me the wrong way - they're young kids interested in which
is the most powerful Gundam - and not interested in the deeper plots of the
UC series. I don't see this as a reason to start a panic - kids will be
kids and the older fans who discover Gundam or grow older while watching the
UC series will appreciate the finer points. It's a bit unreasonable to
expect kids 1/3 my age to care as much about the politcs as the Mobile Suit
fighting - But whenever I get email that asks me about other Gundam series I
point them right at all the AnimeVillage UC titles.


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> Needless to say, this character application was turned down with a polite
> referral to the Gundam Project. But the problem is that this application
> symptomatic of the situation. I'm glad that Gundam is reaching a broader
> audience. But the worry I have is that the new audience brought in by
> Gundam Wing isn't going to like the original series. Not only because of
> the old style of artwork, but also because the story is so much more
> and doesn't glorify war... Because that is what Wing does. It glorifies
> war, even as it tries to make you think that it's anti-war...
> How about some of the other old timers. What's your take on this?

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