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Chris Maier wrote:
> Well, there's some stuff released by Kawamori as well as the Macross
> Flashback 2012 OAV(Sort of a music video)which confirms that Hikaru and Misa
> get together. They also have a kid. Then they take Minmei along with them on
> the Megaroad-01(Maybe just in case they need to do the 'culture shock' thing
> again)in 2012. Then in 2016, all contact is lost between UN Spacy and the
> Megaroad-01.
> The reason they dissieapeared was in part because of the illness of the
> voice actor for Hikaru, who had HIV I believe. Kawamori needed a sort of
> cover story I suppose about why he couldn't use Hikaru and Co. for Macross
> 7. Anyway He was able to play "Bobby"-a small bit part-in Macross 7. In all
> irony, Bobby was set to play Hikaru in the Macross 7 U.N spacy video(With
> Mylene as Minmei). Anyway, the voice actor for Hikaru died in 1996, I think.
> Anyway, it's interesting to note that Hikaru and Misa's American
> counterparts, Rick and Lisa, got married in "Robotech:The Sentinels" a
> completely American-made story which has no relation to Macross's storyline.

right before they left on the SDF-3 to search for the Robotech masters,
the ship mysteriously vanishing later.. sound familiar? ;)


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> >Um, who are you talking about? Hikaru? I'm seem to recall that in the end,
> >he ends up marrying Misa, and they both invite Minmei to go with them on
> the
> >Megaroad-01, which she agrees to.
> >
> >Roland
> Hmm, either that episode is missing on the DVD, or this was from the Macross
> movie or Robotech? I vaguely recall this ending too, which was why I was so
> surprised when I saw that the TV series ended with Minmei leaving Hikaru and
> the relationship between Misa and Hikaru remained unresolved.
> Eddie
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