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Edward Ju wrote:
> >> 2) What was the most powerful GM, Zeon MS, and Gundam of the OYW (in
> >>your opinion) ?
> >
> > Most powerful GM would definitely be the GM Sniper II. The most
> >powerful Zeon mobile suit would be the Zeong - of the regular-sized ones,
> >perhaps the Gelgoog Jaeger (if only because it's less specialized than
> >the Kaempfer). Of the Gundams, the Alex.
> Unfortuantely the Alex doesn't seem to have the super-duper armor the
> original RX-78-2 had, even in full armor mode. ;)

i haven't seen 0080 so i'm going to assume you mean the Alex got stomped
by something less than beam-weapons/heavy bazookas.. keep in mind that
while the original RX-78 could shrug-off hits from Zaku 120mm machine
guns consider what those guns were fireing.. untill after operation V
there was nothing like a Mobile suit that a Zaku would have to face.. so
thier ammo loads would likely reflect the types of targets they Would
have to face.. tanks and fitghters with conventional armor plating..
heck IIRC the first tanks in WW I weren't the most effective weapons
against other tanks untill they started using solid shot instead of the
high-exsplosive it's assumed they would use agasint the dug-in infantry
and artil9iry positions they were originally designed to defeat

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