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>But the fact is Hikaru didn't get no pussy! There are way too many anime guys
>that are indecisive like Hikaru and he is definitely not the worst. Kasuga
>Kyosuke in KOR, Godai in Maisson Ikkoku, the D.N.A. guy, the Video Girl Ai
>loser, the I''s moron, etc. We are talking blue balls galore here!

LOL... very true.

>> > and look what happened to him in the end - both women left him. At least
>> > Kou managed to keep Nina in the end.
>I don't think that was the case, Misa was there to admit defeat because she
>knew she couldn't compete with Minmey. Once Hikaru made it apparent that he
>would prefer to be with her (decided to leave Minmay to join in the fight
>against Gum Jing in all that chaos), I think the series made it pretty clear
>that Misa will go back to him.

That's a debatable point - I don't think Hikaru joins the fray as an
expression that he choose Misa over Minmey - he fights to protect his
friends and loved ones, which I believe was spelled out rather clearly.
His sense of duty as a soldier took over at the time of crisis. The only
"clue" I could see of Misa going back to Hikaru was Minmey's volunteered
leaving Hikaru at the last scene. She could have gone back and turned
down the offer to lead the scout fleet or requested that Hikaru be stationed
onboard the fleet as escort, but none of these were explicitly stated when
the TV series was made and speaking of notorious retcons, we as Gundam fans
should know how much fan pressure can change history. ;)

>Not sure about this either, a close inspection of Hikaru's room (which Misa
>did) will reveal Minmey's poster and her photo album. This is even before
>Minmey pulled her disappearing act. Needless to say Misa wasn't exactly
>at that point (pulling the poster upside down) and she still knew full well
>Hikaru is thinking of Minmey.


>I'd say their relationship has been at this stage for a long time, Misa got
>pissed and later reconciled with Hikaru quite a few times before this.
>that Minmey was going to stay with Hikaru that night was just a heavier blow
>then usual. Note Hikaru has never confessed love to Misa before and she was
>the one who is pursuing him!

The thing is Hikaru has been totally oblivious to Misa's affection for him
all along until one of the bridge bunnies told him he was being insensitive
to Misa (this was around the tea episode IIRC) when he jokingly asked her
out on a date. Their relationship didn't really "blossom" (for the lack of
a better word) until Hikaru came to the realization and asked Misa out on a
picnic date. After his missing the date, I don't think they ever really
reconciled prior to Misa's confession.

>I agree with your summary of the last episode, but disagree with your
>that Hikaru is just going to let Misa leave. Note that the Megaroad
>project was
>still in it's early stages and there was no evidence that they were leaving
>earth right the next day. (Come on, Misa was just asked to be the captain and
>she didn't even have time to go over the details yet, plus it should take time
>to recruit other volunteers and build the actual space ship.)

That was the whole point though - the way the TV series ended was to leave
the audience hanging as to what happens to this triangle, and the marriage
between Hikaru and Misa was more like an afterthought whether it was due
to fan pressure or not, much like how the Gerbera Tetra "turned out" to be
the GP04 that never was. If the staff that produced the TV series intended
for them to get married, they wouldn't have waited until Flashback to
resolve it.

>Wait, in the TV series' ending, Hikaru clearly chose Misa after her confession
>of love by following her into the "final battle". Though it's not clearly
>spelled out for the audience that Misa "wanted him back", it is pretty much
>implied in the last episode that they will be together.

See above... a soldier's duty calls, I think he would have gone to fight
even if Misa ran into the shelter.

>> Man, the last 6 episodes of Macross were still the most depressing anime
>> I've seen... with most of the main characters feeling sorry for themselves
>I thought the last 6 episodes of Macross were among the BEST anime I've ever
>seen! Sure it maybe depressing, but the emotions the characters went through
>felt so REAL!

It was almost too soap opear-ish for me, but if the series ended after they
destroyed the Zentradi fleet then Macross wouldn't be the classic it is

>Claudia was indeed tragic, but the problem also stems from the fact that no
>males showed any sort of interest for her.

Or they just didn't show that, if any male showed interest in her.

>> after over 2 years, Misa was too stubborn/old fashioned to pursue happiness
>Misa did her best to win over Hikaru, she cleaned up his rooms and was
>pursuing him! She was the most aggressive of the lot and I'd say her hard
>paid off in the end.

I'd say she'd have won Hikaru over sooner if she wasn't so stubborn and
fought with Hikaru constantly - you have to admit she really blew it several
times when there was a chance for reconciliation.

>Yeah, and she was the one who brought all that up to herself and has to take
>all the blame. She is selfish and thoughtless (naively so) and don't realize
>how much she hurt the people who care for her. She has the talent of driving
>people away.

I wouldn't put all the blame on her. That asshole cousin who's leeching off
her was at least partially responsible.

>> wuss who couldn't even deal with a small mob and he also made Kou look like
>Nina clearly picked Gato over Kou in the last episode, it's only his eventual
>death that left her with no choice so she had to go back to Kou. My bet is if
>another ace pilot come along who showed her the slightest bit of interest, she
>would run away with him in no time.

Hmm... I didn't see her giving Monsha much of her time.

>Hikaru did show some skills dealing with
>a mob in the "picnic" episode.

I was referring to the "micron" mob from the city that had the resizing
machine. His softness ultimately lead to the city's destruction.

>Not really... they marriage was kindof hokey and problematic to start with
>anyway. Max was completely taken by Milia's beauty while she felt completely
>defeated by Max in every possible way, (first piloting mechas against each
>other, then at the video game machine, finally even her assasination attempt
>failed). I suppose it was total humiliation for a proud woman who has never
>been defeated in combat and she was ready to die, Max took advantage of her
>weakness by sparing her life and claiming her body. Of course, this kind of
>relationship can not last long once the female realize she doesn't have to be
>his slave!

I think Max has shown her enough respect (Macross 7 notwithstanding), by
welcoming a former enemy and integrating her into human society by marrying
her. After all, he could have locked her up as a sex slave without going
through the institution of marriage and could have told her "this is what
we do to prisoners of war in protoculture" (LOL). The show basically set
them up as part of the "peace though understanding and love" plot devices,
also to make Misa feel her biological clock ticking.

>P.S. it's exactly romance and relationships like this that made me such a big
>Macross fan. The love stories in Gundam are much weaker than Macross, but
>Gundam has always been more about "coming of age" than romance.


Strange how the Valkyries are more popular than the character figures/dolls.
Same thing goes for mobile suits. Which goes back to the mecha fanboy
syndrome Kou suffers from. :)


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