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>>OK, I keep hearing about this place, but I've never been there, what's the
>>address to it?
>>Do they have descent prices?
>Just ordered one RX-78 MSIA and one Zeta Gundam MSIA from them recently. Even
>though neither of these were in stock, they snapped them both up from the
>manufactor and will be sending them out tomorrow. So from the time it took
>me to contact them to the time they got my order in stock was about a week.
>The total for that order (including shipping to the USA) was about 4000 yen
>(around $36). Someone want to tell me if that's a fair price?

If your local stores don't carry those, then it should be a fair deal,
because these figures go for about $15 on eBay and you have to add about
$3.20 on shipping, so it works out about even.


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