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It sort of depends on your definition of evil. Degin wasn't exactly the
evilest guy, in fact Kishiria implies during her conversation with Char that
her father felt empty after assassinating Zeon. Of course we also have him
attempting to make peace with the Federation.
Dozul and Garma were fairly okay guys too, if Garma was evil he probably
would have killed Icelina's father. Giren on the other hand, was really
evil, and Kishiria really didn't care for most of her family except her
father, it seems.

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Chris Beilby writes,

>Indeed. I saw the same thing on Gundam MUSH before we posted numerous
>notices that we were NOT gundam Wing... An example of the 'shining' level
>of Character applications these youngsters do is as follows...
>"I would like a character sort of like the DeahScythe Hell... and I wanna
>a pilot JUST like Duo.. Duo rocks.. he is witty, quick, and doesnt
>to kill."

  This is probably a question of age and accessibility, not the intrinsic
nature of the show. If the original Gundam series gets on TV next year,
you'll probably get similar missives from 8-year-old Char fans.

>But the worry I have is that the new audience brought in by
>Gundam Wing isn't going to like the original series. Not only because of
>the old style of artwork, but also because the story is so much more
>and doesn't glorify war... Because that is what Wing does. It glorifies
>war, even as it tries to make you think that it's anti-war...

  I think you have that backards, actually. Despite the often-baffling
dialogue, the end goal of Gundam Wing is to create a world without
violence and war. Even though the heroes start out as killing machines,
they end up destroying their own superweapons as a show of commitment to

  Classic Tomino Gundam, though, is actually very aggressive. As I've
tried to point out over and over again, Tomino's heroes are always the
ones who fight rather than sitting back and letting the bad guys get
their way - hell, he even likes the guys who fight for the forces of
evil, just so long as they do _something_. (Compare the portrayals of
Cameron Bloom and Ranba Ral.) Sure, there's always a heavy price to pay
for battling evil, but can you seriously point to _anything_ in _any_
pre-Brain Powered Tomino story that suggests that there was a better way
to resolve the conflict at hand than sheer violence?

  Tomino's Gundam is, frankly, PRO-WAR. It doesn't necessarily approve of
the guys who start the fighting, but it damn sure endorses fighting back.
This strikes me as a defensible position - at least when you're dealing
with a Hitler or a Genghis Khan - but it's not exactly what I'd call

-- Mark

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