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Dear List:

> ><< You know, I think all this Kou-bashing is pretty uncool. Beating a dead
> > horse to the ground is only fun for so long. I mean, if you want to whine
> > about how pussywhipped and sucky an anime hero is, look no further than
> > Macross. Here's a guy who's even more indecisive when it comes to women,

But the fact is Hikaru didn't get no pussy! There are way too many anime guys
that are indecisive like Hikaru and he is definitely not the worst. Kasuga
Kyosuke in KOR, Godai in Maisson Ikkoku, the D.N.A. guy, the Video Girl Ai
loser, the I''s moron, etc. We are talking blue balls galore here!

> > and look what happened to him in the end - both women left him. At least
> > Kou managed to keep Nina in the end.

I don't think that was the case, Misa was there to admit defeat because she
knew she couldn't compete with Minmey. Once Hikaru made it apparent that he
would prefer to be with her (decided to leave Minmay to join in the fight
against Gum Jing in all that chaos), I think the series made it pretty clear
that Misa will go back to him. She has done it before in the photo album
episode, the picnic episode, the tea episode... etc. She knows full well that
she is old and can't be too picky when it comes to men, kindof like Kyoko in
MI I guess?

> >What are you talking about? Macross or Macross 7?? I thought Misa and
> >Hikaru got married..

There are some seriously messed up stuff in Macross 7 Dynamite with all that
lesbian crap and having Max/Milia's daughter going nearly all the way. 8)

> >Jason
> I was talking about Macross TV series. It's funny, I remembered that Misa
> and Hikaru got married too, but I just rewatched the series on DVD and when
> I was finally done last night I was surprised at what I remembered was
> totally wrong.

I rewatched the series 2 weeks ago also, that was after finishing Cowboy Bebop
and finding out there was something wrong with my copy of Outlaw Star... It's
back to working on ZZ Gundam for me this week.

> <Slight spoiler for those too young to remember Macross>
> Remember Misa and Hikaru's relationship was going really well until Minmey
> ran away from her singing career and pulled a disappearing act? She showed

Not sure about this either, a close inspection of Hikaru's room (which Misa
did) will reveal Minmey's poster and her photo album. This is even before
Minmey pulled her disappearing act. Needless to say Misa wasn't exactly pleased
at that point (pulling the poster upside down) and she still knew full well
Hikaru is thinking of Minmey.

> up at the doorsteps of Hikaru's pad and asked to stay over for the night.
> Misa was going to reconcile with Hikaru but when she realized who was
> inside she eavesdropped and then went to a bar and got shitfaced alone (this
> was Xmas eve or a day before it). Anyway, their relationship deteriorated
> from there on.

I'd say their relationship has been at this stage for a long time, Misa got
pissed and later reconciled with Hikaru quite a few times before this. Hearing
that Minmey was going to stay with Hikaru that night was just a heavier blow
then usual. Note Hikaru has never confessed love to Misa before and she was
the one who is pursuing him!

> <synopsis of last episode snipped...>

I agree with your summary of the last episode, but disagree with your conclusion
that Hikaru is just going to let Misa leave. Note that the Megaroad project was
still in it's early stages and there was no evidence that they were leaving
earth right the next day. (Come on, Misa was just asked to be the captain and
she didn't even have time to go over the details yet, plus it should take time
to recruit other volunteers and build the actual space ship.)

> After the final crisis was over, Minmey also decided to go leave Hikaru and
> go to a distance city to rebuild her singing career. So Hikaru is back to
> square one and all by himself again. Maybe in Robotech or the Macross movie
> Rick/Hikaru did end up with Lisa/Misa, and we're confusing it with the
> original TV series' ending.

Wait, in the TV series' ending, Hikaru clearly chose Misa after her confession
of love by following her into the "final battle". Though it's not clearly
spelled out for the audience that Misa "wanted him back", it is pretty much
implied in the last episode that they will be together.

> Man, the last 6 episodes of Macross were still the most depressing anime
> I've seen... with most of the main characters feeling sorry for themselves

I thought the last 6 episodes of Macross were among the BEST anime I've ever
seen! Sure it maybe depressing, but the emotions the characters went through
felt so REAL!

> and not doing a thing to change it - Claudia was still hung up on Fokker

Claudia was indeed tragic, but the problem also stems from the fact that no
males showed any sort of interest for her.

> after over 2 years, Misa was too stubborn/old fashioned to pursue happiness

Misa did her best to win over Hikaru, she cleaned up his rooms and was actively
pursuing him! She was the most aggressive of the lot and I'd say her hard work
paid off in the end.

> for herself, Minmey was a washed up idol singer who came to realize that she
> was virtually friendless after all was said and done, Hikaru was still a

Yeah, and she was the one who brought all that up to herself and has to take
all the blame. She is selfish and thoughtless (naively so) and don't realize
how much she hurt the people who care for her. She has the talent of driving
people away.

> wuss who couldn't even deal with a small mob and he also made Kou look like

Nina clearly picked Gato over Kou in the last episode, it's only his eventual
death that left her with no choice so she had to go back to Kou. My bet is if
another ace pilot come along who showed her the slightest bit of interest, she
would run away with him in no time. Hikaru did show some skills dealing with
a mob in the "picnic" episode.

> Don Juan. The only characters that stayed well-off were the happily
> married Max and Millia.

Not really... they marriage was kindof hokey and problematic to start with
anyway. Max was completely taken by Milia's beauty while she felt completely
defeated by Max in every possible way, (first piloting mechas against each
other, then at the video game machine, finally even her assasination attempt
failed). I suppose it was total humiliation for a proud woman who has never
been defeated in combat and she was ready to die, Max took advantage of her
weakness by sparing her life and claiming her body. Of course, this kind of
relationship can not last long once the female realize she doesn't have to be
his slave!

P.S. it's exactly romance and relationships like this that made me such a big
Macross fan. The love stories in Gundam are much weaker than Macross, but
Gundam has always been more about "coming of age" than romance.

> Eddie


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