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> Well, I'm pretty sure it was MG kit. Unless 1/144 Sazabi came in PG size
box. It
> did feel like building 1/144 in some areas though since it was so simple.
> I think you were way too careful about building this kit. All the pieces
> big and constructions were simple. Specially, it's leg and arm. Leg had
about 10
> pieces and arm had less then that.


Are you telling me that there was only 10 pieces for the leg assambly?
There are more pieces involved for assembling the foot alone!!

> It might had more trees then other MG. But, it was because of it's size,
> because of it had more parts.
> But, I understand it could take up to 8 hours if you were sanding and
filling up
> gaps with putty. May be painting it same time

Just snipping and trimming, no puttying or painting involved, but still took
12-13 hours.

> All the joints worked very nicely on mine. Only disappointing area were
> Funnel.
> Anyway, everyone could have different opinions.
> Danny

I think your original posting saying that you only spent 2-3 hours on the
kit was probably a typo, but meant 12-13 hours instead. If not, then you
must've just ripped the pieces off of the trees.

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