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Well, there's some stuff released by Kawamori as well as the Macross
Flashback 2012 OAV(Sort of a music video)which confirms that Hikaru and Misa
get together. They also have a kid. Then they take Minmei along with them on
the Megaroad-01(Maybe just in case they need to do the 'culture shock' thing
again)in 2012. Then in 2016, all contact is lost between UN Spacy and the
 The reason they dissieapeared was in part because of the illness of the
voice actor for Hikaru, who had HIV I believe. Kawamori needed a sort of
cover story I suppose about why he couldn't use Hikaru and Co. for Macross
7. Anyway He was able to play "Bobby"-a small bit part-in Macross 7. In all
irony, Bobby was set to play Hikaru in the Macross 7 U.N spacy video(With
Mylene as Minmei). Anyway, the voice actor for Hikaru died in 1996, I think.
 Anyway, it's interesting to note that Hikaru and Misa's American
counterparts, Rick and Lisa, got married in "Robotech:The Sentinels" a
completely American-made story which has no relation to Macross's storyline.

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>Um, who are you talking about? Hikaru? I'm seem to recall that in the end,
>he ends up marrying Misa, and they both invite Minmei to go with them on
>Megaroad-01, which she agrees to.

Hmm, either that episode is missing on the DVD, or this was from the Macross
movie or Robotech? I vaguely recall this ending too, which was why I was so
surprised when I saw that the TV series ended with Minmei leaving Hikaru and
the relationship between Misa and Hikaru remained unresolved.


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