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Mon, 14 Aug 2000 15:30:31 -0700

>> 2) What was the most powerful GM, Zeon MS, and Gundam of the OYW (in
>>your opinion) ?
> Most powerful GM would definitely be the GM Sniper II. The most
>powerful Zeon mobile suit would be the Zeong - of the regular-sized ones,
>perhaps the Gelgoog Jaeger (if only because it's less specialized than
>the Kaempfer). Of the Gundams, the Alex.

Unfortuantely the Alex doesn't seem to have the super-duper armor the
original RX-78-2 had, even in full armor mode. ;)

>> 8) Who was the best aces of the OYW (NOT including Amuro and Char)? Best
>>known? Most unknown?
> I'd rank Gato, Ranba Ral, and Norris Packard as the best ones we've
>seen animated. Yu Kajima (from Blue Destiny), Johnny Ridden and Shin
>Matsunaga are contenders as well. I've seen the Black Trinary referred to
>as Zeon's most distinguished ace pilots, but their actual performance
>against the White Base crew makes me wonder whether they might be
>somewhat overrated. The best unrecognized pilot is without a doubt Ma
>Kube, who in the TV series conducts a running duel with Amuro at the
>Texas Colony and battles the Gundam to a standstill until Lalah
>intervenes. All the damage you see the Gundam take in the third movie
>while dueling Char was actually inflicted by Ma Kube in the TV series.

How about the pilots from Rise from the Ashes? They seem to be doing
better than most other aces in the Giren's Greed game.


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