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> - A friend of mine from IRC owns gundam-wing.com, and his e-mail address
> is > is duo@gundam-wing.com. He routinely recieves e-mailes from kids who are
> having difficulty differentiating fantasy from reality ("What's it like to
> be a Gundam pilot?", "Are you and Heero gay lovers?")
> Every time I start to shake my head and wonder, I realize that they _are_
> just kids, and I'm sure I did the same thing years ago, except it was
> Transformers and He-Man, and we didn't have the Internet. I sorta feel
> guilt for laughing afterwards, since they don't know any better, and I
> just hope that they'll grow up to appreciate Gundam as a whole.

When I was 5 I was actually scared Cobra was going to take over the world.
LOL. for those of you who don't know (*SHAME!*) He was the bad-guy from Gi

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