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>Okay, so I'm looking up the specs for all these MS and come across the Mark
>II RX-178 "Gundam" except that it's not made out of gundarium. Instead it
>is constructed of a titanium alloy/ceramic composite. Funny thing though,
>the G-defensor is made of gundarium...

The entry at The Gundam Project seems to suggest that Gundarium ((is))
Lunar Titanium:

>>From what I understood, the reason a gundam is a gundam is the material
>it's constructed from. If I'm wrong, I guess I'll just go slap a v-fin on
>my dog and call him a gundam!

There's lot's of debate on this, but I'm pretty sure the term Gundam is
generally intended for prototype platforms of the Fed's latest MS technology.

>Also, in the first episode of wing - everyone calls heero's MS a Gundam. I
>may be confused, but I thought that the Tallgeese was the first MS and that
>OZ MS's were built from that design. The five engineers had only designed
>the Zero one, but had not built it. So, if nobody had seen a gundam before
>operation shooting star, how did everyone know immediately that the new MS
>on earth were Gundams????

It's enough that the Zero One was designed. If you have a theoretical
design, and then something comes along that fulfills that design, you slap
the name for the theory on it. In this case, the original design for a
lightweight mobile suit made immune to conventional weapons through
Gundarium was nickname Gundam for the armor proposed. Lo and behold, a
lightweight MS with Gundarium appears, everybody calls it a Gundam.
Remember, the idea of a robot was ((called)) a "robot" long before anybody
built anything resembling one.


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