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The Gundams in the UC timeline, like the Mark II, aren't called Gundams
because of the metal they're made out of. Gundams are usually prototypes or
special combat models.
 Zechs and Trieze know about the Gundams because the alliance is aware of at
least part of Operation Meteor, and must have discovered something about the
Gundams. So in Wing's case, Gundams are the designation given to them by the
scientists because they are made of Gundanium. Although other suits are made
of Gundanium, the Gundams are the only Gundams because they were named that
way by the scientists(and Trieze, counting the Epyon).

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Okay, so I'm looking up the specs for all these MS and come across the Mark
II RX-178 "Gundam" except that it's not made out of gundarium. Instead it
is constructed of a titanium alloy/ceramic composite. Funny thing though,
the G-defensor is made of gundarium...

>From what I understood, the reason a gundam is a gundam is the material
it's constructed from. If I'm wrong, I guess I'll just go slap a v-fin on
my dog and call him a gundam!

Also, in the first episode of wing - everyone calls heero's MS a Gundam. I
may be confused, but I thought that the Tallgeese was the first MS and that
OZ MS's were built from that design. The five engineers had only designed
the Zero one, but had not built it. So, if nobody had seen a gundam before
operation shooting star, how did everyone know immediately that the new MS
on earth were Gundams????


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