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M. R. Hannibal asks,

> 1) What were Jamitov, Kowen, and Green Wyatt's positions in the
>Federation military in the OYW?

  Unknown, I'm afraid.

> 2) What was the most powerful GM, Zeon MS, and Gundam of the OYW (in
>your opinion) ?

  Most powerful GM would definitely be the GM Sniper II. The most
powerful Zeon mobile suit would be the Zeong - of the regular-sized ones,
perhaps the Gelgoog Jaeger (if only because it's less specialized than
the Kaempfer). Of the Gundams, the Alex.

> 3) What would have happened if the Feds lost the battles of Solomon and
>A Bao A Qu?

  They would have been in big trouble. :-)

> 4) What was the Zepher Phantom Gundam? Was it any good?

  It's a drone Gundam controlled by an artificial-intelligence system -
the first mobile doll, if you like. It worked well enough, but the comic
itself sucks rocks.

> 5) What was Captain Synapse doing in the OYW? And was Delaz Zeon's best
>ship commander? Was he trusted by the Zabi family? And had Gato ever been on
>Earth during the Occupation?

  Most of these are completely unknown. It's been claimed that Shin
Matsunaga - another Space Attack Force ace stationed at Solomon - was
loaned to the Earth Attack Force during the initial invasion, so it's
very slightly possible that Gato might have fought on Earth. Delaz
certainly seems to have a grasp of fleet tactics - like Dozul, he trusts
conventional warships more than those funny mobile suit thingies - but we
don't have much evidence to compare him against other fleet commanders.
He doesn't seem to have been especially close to the Zabi family, Giren's
Greed "what if?" scenarios notwithstanding.

> 6) Was there any major differences between the Gelgoog, Gelgoog J and
>Gelgoog Marine? Which one was best?

  Probably the Jaeger, though it's really very similar to the Gelgoog
Marine Fs type. (Their stats are almost identical, though the Fs's thrust
has been cut exactly in half for retcon purposes.)

  Other major differences: The B, F, Fs, and Jg types all have booster
backpacks for higher speed. The F, Fs, and Jg can also carry extra
propellant tanks for increased range. These latter three types also have
machine guns in their forearms, instead of jet engines for atmospheric
flight, though it's noted that the Marine is designed for use on Earth as
well as in space. The Fs and Jg types have the highest performance of all

> 7) How many Zeons fled to Axis and Mars? And was there good relations
>all of the time between the Delaz Fleet and Axis? What was the most powerful
>mobile armour in the UC universe up until CCA?

  The Neue Ziel is major contender - it's much bigger than the Psyco
Gundams and the Quin Mantha, and has ridiculous performance.

  Unknown how many Zeons went to Mars (the Oldsmobile Army only appears
in comics and video games, so it's not completely canonical). Some
figures have been bandied around for the number of Axis refugees, but I
don't recall them off the top of my head. It seems that Delaz and Axis
were initially out of touch, but resumed communications late in 0081.
(Remember, the Axis refugees spent 15 months in transit, so they wouldn't
have been very chatty at this point.)

> 8) Who was the best aces of the OYW (NOT including Amuro and Char)? Best
>known? Most unknown?

  I'd rank Gato, Ranba Ral, and Norris Packard as the best ones we've
seen animated. Yu Kajima (from Blue Destiny), Johnny Ridden and Shin
Matsunaga are contenders as well. I've seen the Black Trinary referred to
as Zeon's most distinguished ace pilots, but their actual performance
against the White Base crew makes me wonder whether they might be
somewhat overrated. The best unrecognized pilot is without a doubt Ma
Kube, who in the TV series conducts a running duel with Amuro at the
Texas Colony and battles the Gundam to a standstill until Lalah
intervenes. All the damage you see the Gundam take in the third movie
while dueling Char was actually inflicted by Ma Kube in the TV series.

-- Mark

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