M. R. Hannibal (saiyajin11@hotmail.com)
Mon, 14 Aug 2000 19:34:20 GMT

Do you know if you can answer these?

    1) What were Jamitov, Kowen, and Green Wyatt's positions in the
Federation military in the OYW?

    2) What was the most powerful GM, Zeon MS, and Gundam of the OYW (in
your opinion) ?

    3) What would have happened if the Feds lost the battles of Solomon and
A Bao A Qu?

    4) What was the Zepher Phantom Gundam? Was it any good?

    5) What was Captain Synapse doing in the OYW? And was Delaz Zeon's best
ship commander? Was he trusted by the Zabi family? And had Gato ever been on
Earth during the Occupation?

    6) Was there any major differences between the Gelgoog, Gelgoog J and
Gelgoog Marine? Which one was best?

    7) How many Zeons fled to Axis and Mars? And was there good relations
all of the time between the Delaz Fleet and Axis? What was the most powerful
mobile armour in the UC universe up until CCA?

    8) Who was the best aces of the OYW (NOT including Amuro and Char)? Best
known? Most unknown?

Oh well.....just wnated to know.....

Seig Zeon!!!!!!!
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