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>Subject: [gundam] DC Giren's Greed: My Favourite Scenarios
>Date: Mon, 14 Aug 2000 10:04:40 -0700 (PDT)
>Hello, old chaps. I just wanted to share some of my
>fave battles that I recorded onto tape. Here are two
>of them:
> 1) Fed disc, Part 1, Turn 92: I was fighting Zeon at
>A Bao A Qu. Zeon had two Big Zams and a Elmeth, along
>with about ten Rick Doms. I had three G-3 Gundams,
>couple stacks of GM Snipers and five battleships (whth
>Bosque Ohm leading the charge heh heh heh). As I send
>in my Gundams (piloted by Amuro, Shiro and Master P.
>Rayer)to take out Dozul and Ma Kube's Big Zams, Dozul
>fires his weapon. HE TAKES OUT ALL FIVE
>BATTLESHIPS!!!!! HOW????????? WHY???????????? Glitch,
>perhaps? But it was funny.
> 2) Zeon disc, Part 2, Turn 228 thru 231 : I lost
>the OYW, but the Renpo did not take Side 3, A Bao A Qu
>or Solomon. So when Part two started, the world was
>AEUG (controlling most of space, including La Vie En
>Rose. By this time, I had lost ALL of space (including
>the Garden of Thorns)except Side 3 and A Bao A Qu. As
>for Earth.....lost all except Kilimanjaro and
>Australia. Turn 228. I attacked the Fed forces in
>eastern Australia. I had five stacks of Gundam Mk IIs,
>seven Alex stacks and six GP03 Gundams (two stacks of
>three). Accompanying them were five stacks of
>Nemos,three stacks of GMIIs and a Rick Dias (with Char
>as pilot). The Feds had....and this was
>scary.......SIX PSYCO GUNDAMS!!!!!!! Bloody
>hell!!!!!!!!!! With them was two Mk IIs and four
>stacks of GM Customs. Well, I seperated my GP03s and
>got them to nuking ranges. The Psyco Gundams did not
>move. I then moved my Nemos to start taking out the GM
>Customs. Easy. They are done for. The Feds did not
>retaliate. Fine. I move Char to where the enemy Mark
>IIs were, and he commenced the smackdown. He
>died.....but not before taking out both Mk IIs. OK.
>My GP03s (three were piloted by Ranba Ral, Johnny
>Raiden and Visch Donahue)were in range of the Psyco
>Gundams by now, and I began the nuclear hellfire. By
>the time I was done, three of them were destroyed.
>Then, just as I was preparing to celebrate, the
>remaining three (damaged, but still combat capable)
>began to gang up on one of my GP03s. I lost Johnny
>instantly. Then I used two of them to nuke the Psyco
>that killed Raiden . After I killed it, The remaining
>two ganged up on a empty GP03. They killed that one.
>Then I used the last GP03s to fire on the Psycos.
>Oops......OUT OF NUKES!!!!! I run back to base to
>resupply.....THEY FOLLOW ME AND KILL ME!!!!!! At the
>end, it was one of my GP03s and my Nemos and Mk IIs
>versus the Psyco Gundam.
>Well, I just thought that I would share some of my
>faves with you. If you have any, feel free to share.
>SEIG ZEON!!!!!!!!!
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