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Hello, old chaps. I just wanted to share some of my
fave battles that I recorded onto tape. Here are two
of them:

  1) Fed disc, Part 1, Turn 92: I was fighting Zeon at
A Bao A Qu. Zeon had two Big Zams and a Elmeth, along
with about ten Rick Doms. I had three G-3 Gundams,
couple stacks of GM Snipers and five battleships (whth
Bosque Ohm leading the charge heh heh heh). As I send
in my Gundams (piloted by Amuro, Shiro and Master P.
Rayer)to take out Dozul and Ma Kube's Big Zams, Dozul
fires his weapon. HE TAKES OUT ALL FIVE
BATTLESHIPS!!!!! HOW????????? WHY???????????? Glitch,
perhaps? But it was funny.

   2) Zeon disc, Part 2, Turn 228 thru 231 : I lost
the OYW, but the Renpo did not take Side 3, A Bao A Qu
or Solomon. So when Part two started, the world was
AEUG (controlling most of space, including La Vie En
Rose. By this time, I had lost ALL of space (including
the Garden of Thorns)except Side 3 and A Bao A Qu. As
for Earth.....lost all except Kilimanjaro and
Australia. Turn 228. I attacked the Fed forces in
eastern Australia. I had five stacks of Gundam Mk IIs,
seven Alex stacks and six GP03 Gundams (two stacks of
three). Accompanying them were five stacks of
Nemos,three stacks of GMIIs and a Rick Dias (with Char
as pilot). The Feds had....and this was
scary.......SIX PSYCO GUNDAMS!!!!!!! Bloody
hell!!!!!!!!!! With them was two Mk IIs and four
stacks of GM Customs. Well, I seperated my GP03s and
got them to nuking ranges. The Psyco Gundams did not
move. I then moved my Nemos to start taking out the GM
Customs. Easy. They are done for. The Feds did not
retaliate. Fine. I move Char to where the enemy Mark
IIs were, and he commenced the smackdown. He
died.....but not before taking out both Mk IIs. OK.
My GP03s (three were piloted by Ranba Ral, Johnny
Raiden and Visch Donahue)were in range of the Psyco
Gundams by now, and I began the nuclear hellfire. By
the time I was done, three of them were destroyed.
Then, just as I was preparing to celebrate, the
remaining three (damaged, but still combat capable)
began to gang up on one of my GP03s. I lost Johnny
instantly. Then I used two of them to nuke the Psyco
that killed Raiden . After I killed it, The remaining
two ganged up on a empty GP03. They killed that one.
Then I used the last GP03s to fire on the Psycos.
Oops......OUT OF NUKES!!!!! I run back to base to
resupply.....THEY FOLLOW ME AND KILL ME!!!!!! At the
end, it was one of my GP03s and my Nemos and Mk IIs
versus the Psyco Gundam.

Well, I just thought that I would share some of my
faves with you. If you have any, feel free to share.

SEIG ZEON!!!!!!!!!


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