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>I pretty much agree. I've been to some bulletin boards and they mostly
>consist of Wing fans, but many are slowly starting to get into the other
>series as well(Not just stuff like X either, which has been popular among
>Wing fans) . A lot of people seem to be getting into the Master Grade kits
>as well, and that is helping them get interested in other Gundams. The fave
>mechs among these fans tend to be the Dom, Nu Gundam and Sazabi, it seems.
>BTW at they call me the "Gundam guru" and I'm well liked at
> as well....
>and I've only been a Gundam fan for eight months! I got into UC just before
>Wing came out by watching the OAV series, and I pretty much absorbed huge
>globs of information from the internet and this ML(I have a pretty good
>memory), so I'm pretty well versed in all Gundam now, except for the lesser
>known series(F91,V,G and X). BTW I believe I was one of those signature guys

then you are a good point man for people to learn about the gundam world.
Though I like AC, i have to admit to being a bit esoteric when I start
talking about UC. Iremember talking about gundam UC to a wingnut who
happened to be my teenage cousin (while he was looking at my collection),
and most of it went over his head. So keep on educating. It's the best
way to get wing lovers into the fold of ALL gundam.

maybe that was what Turn A was all about, a way to get a whole new
generation curious about ALL of gundam.

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