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After spend 12+ hours assembling this massive kit, I feel that I needed to
express my opinion of the major chunk of change for a plastic kit. This
review is based mostly on personal modeling experience and expectation from
Bandai in model technology development point of view. I strongly urge all
of you to build this kit and draw your own conclusion. Please do not base
your purchasing decision solely on this review.

Let's start from the top. The head assembly consisted of 20 pieces. Eye
moveable from side to side. Mono eye lense is about 2/3 the size of the
other Zeon MS's. Top half of the helmet can swing open. Jaw piece can drop
down. The ball escape pod is not completely reproduced, which is a

Personally, I feel that the head seems slightly lager than it should. maybe
because of a operable cockpit. Please note that I have counted the neck
parts to the part count.
I wish that the top antenna part (N4 & N12) could be slimmer.

The pieces on the left and right side of chest (E9 and E12) could have a
more elongated angle. The plastic links for the cables are a pain. I miss
the spring. As with the Zakus, careful not to lose the pieces.

Like most other MG kits, the waist suffers from not being able to bend
forward and backward. I really wish they would make a better mid section.
Should seek help from Suzanne Summers. J

Lower torso (hip area) seems ok. I personally feel that the front skirts
could be a little longer and wider. About 2mm longer would be great. The
tailpiece seems a little outta proportion. Should defiantly be wider. not
by much, but still wider. I had a problem with the vent slits pointing
upward instead of down.

As for the legs, I personally think that the thighs are too long. Maybe
take of 2mm? Or maybe by extending the front skirts could solve the
problem. Lower legs I had some real beef with.
For 8000 yen, you thing they could throw in some of those damn cables they
show connecting to each of these burners? Nothing! The armor seems thin
and flimsy, unlike the MG Dom. They could have done better. The armor
lacks the. well, armor feel!! They are way too thin. Even the shoulder and
arm armor with the thrusters are double layered, and yet, the leg layer is
single. Very bad planning.

The feet I am pretty ok with, just wish that they don't feel so hollow
comparing to the body of the kit.

 Arms. Well, due to the original design of the Sazabi, there isn't much they
could do. Or am I just giving Bandai an excuse!
They need to get away from the Ball to socket joints!! Some of them are
just not as good as they used to be!! And they don't hold weight well!
Glad that they made the palms out of hard plastic instead of the poly crap
they used on the Dom's palm. The slot holds the weapons much better. But
this doesn't mean the Sazabi could hold its gun any better!!! Almost
impossible for it to hold it's own gun, much like many other MG kits!!
Careful when snapping those finger joints together. Once they get bend out
of shape, there is no turning back.
The wrist assembly is horrible, just like the RX79G. There is just not
enough for that polycap to grip on!! The wrist movements are also limited,
due to original design, but if this were a true Master Grade kit, they would
have engineered it better. The hands, if made just a wee bit smaller, could
have better maneuverability. Posable fingers are neat, but why not just
give us multiple hands molded to hold the different weapons! Much sounder

The beam rifle. could have done more. The Beam saber and hawk is nice.
something not reproduced on the 1/100 Wave vinyl kit. Extendable is cool,
but can't stand the poly stuff they used to cast it.

The funnels are a joke!!! They are flimsy. The gimmick of being able to
open and close is cool, but there is nothing there to hold it together once
it's closed. Could have been much better.

The shield is pretty well done. except the piece that connects it to the
forearm. As most of us were afraid, there is only 1 connecting point. The
connecting piece entering the forearm is flat, which is perfectly fine, but
the piece entering the shield is round. When you try to pose the shield so
that it's not perpendicular to the ground, gravity gets the better of you,
especially if you leave the beam hawk/ saber attached to the shield. I
super glued mine in place. They use the rub on decal for the emblem of the
shield, which I wish they had made as a relief.

Backpack assembly is very nice. But the funnel pods are not that great.
Once again, flimsy. Careful of polycap pieces T22. If not aligned
properly, the pod won't close right. And as you all know by now, once a
polycap is dented or scared by misalignment, there is no turning back.

Also, be careful when pushing those burners in place, the pin will snap off
under pressure.

All in all, this is a great HG kit, not MG. Take a look at the first
generation Mg kits and you will know what I mean. There are many visible
seams that could have easily been done away with. Better care into
detailing could have been done. And why the @#$% do they bother with them
illustrations if the kit don't remotely resemble them!

Bottom line, this kit would have been acceptable if the price tag was 6000
yen of even 6500. But at 8000, I expected more.

The kit is recommended if you don't like or can't deal with garage kits, but
if you really want a good representation of the glorious Sazabi, get the
Wave vinyl kit if you have a chance, or the recent B-Club resin edition.

Good luck and happy modeling.

Gus Jae

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