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>- A friend of mine from IRC owns, and his e-mail address
>is >is He routinely recieves e-mailes from kids who are
>having difficulty differentiating fantasy from reality ("What's it like to
>be a Gundam pilot?", "Are you and Heero gay lovers?")

dear god, I didn't know that actually could happen. now I get
creepy-crawly about the flak from that D&D suicide thing I heard about a
long time ago. A serious question: does this mean that the kids are
getting too sucked into the gundam thing? I mean, I admit, I am obsessed
and all myself, but I know when to lay back and just get it out of my
head.Could all this attention be too much of a good thing?

>So, was Wing's success good for the rest of us? Yeh, I'd say so. Are a lot
>of Wing fans relatively clueless? Yeh, but they're also just kids. Should
>we do everything we can to show them how much cooler UC Gundam is? Hell
>yeh. Whenever I get e-mail (As a webmaster) from a Wing Kiddie, I try and
>be polite. Just the other day, I got an e-mail from someone's parents,
>looking for help on the "Endless Dual" (their spelling) game their son
>downloaded. I explained the legalities of emulators and ROM's, where they
>could get SNES9X and ZSNES, and then encouraged their son to take a read
>through Gundamproject and see the "rest" of Gundam. I still have no idea
>why they e-mailed me, but hopefully that's at least one wing fan who'll
>take the time to learn.
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This brings to mind the isse of moderation, I suppose, and education. we
as UC hardcorepeople, or wing-turned-UC, or enlightened Wing fans must all
pitch in to bring the new guys into ALL of Gundam. That way we can assure
that gundam will keep on coming in whatever form that the writers will turn
it out. and how they turn it out depends on the level of the fans...hence,
we got to educate them, or else we'll get Digi-Gundam before too long.

If ever there was a solid argument to unite UC and AC lovers this is it.
we must let gundam get stronger by creating an educated fan base...or more
obsessed, LOL!

just my two cents.

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