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I'm pretty sure all the Macross guys ended up in a relationship. Hikaru got
Misa, the II guy got the fighter pilot, Isamu got Myung(Well, sort of) Max
got Miria(Although they kind of split up a little)and Basara's like Tenchi,
he's got so many females surrounding him(Syvil, Mylene, the Biker girl, the
flower girl, Mylene's sister in the movie) that he has absolutely no idea
what to do...

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<< You know, I think all this Kou-bashing is pretty uncool. Beating a dead
 horse to the ground is only fun for so long. I mean, if you want to whine
 about how pussywhipped and sucky an anime hero is, look no further than
 Macross. Here's a guy who's even more indecisive when it comes to women,
 and look what happened to him in the end - both women left him. At least
 Kou managed to keep Nina in the end.

What are you talking about? Macross or Macross 7?? I thought Misa and
Hikaru got married..


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