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Didn't this also happen to the Patlabor and Lum mangas? I think Pokemon and
DBZ sales might have pushed expectations for sales into the stratosphere,
hence the smaller titles not doing so well.
Maybe Mark could shed some light on this, since he has done some stuff for

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>> Viz had the 0083 filmbook and they started translating Kondo's manga
>> of 0079, but stopped releasing it earlier this year. I think they blamed
>> the lack of sales for stopping the series.
>If this is indeed true then I am EXTREMELY dissapointed. Being a huge fan
>0079 I really wanted to see all of the manga released.

This won't be the first time Viz has pulled the plug on something they
started. Remember a mag called "Game On! USA"? That mag didn't even last
a whole year. I had a subscription that went unfulfilled. After being
put on hold for almost an hour, Viz told me they'd send me a check to
refund me for the unfulfilled issues. To this day (over 3 years later) I
still haven't got the damn check.

>I never read the
>novels, does anyone know where I can find them? I heard they were pretty
>different from the series, but I still really want to read them.

The novels show up on eBay at least once a month and usually don't go for
much, you can probably get the whole set (3 books) for about 10 bucks.


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