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Mon, 14 Aug 2000 08:02:22 CDT

>I beg half of these are wrong...... I can't be bothered to look it up, can
>someone give the correct answers??

Okay, guess it's time to take a shot at it myself. I shall retain spoiler
space for those who still wanna try it out...

>Number 4:
>1st Row: RX-78, Ball, Guntank 2, Ez-8, BD-2, Hyaku Shiki kai, GP-01fb GP-02

I agree on all these.

>2nd Row: V Buster, F90, F90d, Nu, X, Wing, Wing Zero, God

Same here.

>3rd Row: FA Mark III , Proto Zeta, Char's Zaku II, Shin Matsanuga Zaku II,
>Trinary Zaku II, Zaku Tank, Asparous, psycho (high-mobility) zaku???

The Matsunaga Zaku is probably a MS-06R-1A, and the Black Trinary Zaku is
probably a MS-06R-1. The last one is a MS-06Z-3 Pyscommu System Zaku

>4th Row: Gyan, Zakurello, Zeong, Quebley, Quebley Mk. II, Gato's Gelgoog??,
>Gelgoog JG, Johnny's high-mobility Gelgoog

All correct.

>5th Row: unknown, The-O, HLV, Haman x 2, exam ifreet kai, unknown, unknown

First one is the Gazu-L and Gazu-R from ZZ, the fourth is (more correctly)
the Hamma Hamma (although I sometimes write it Hamma^2 when I'm in a hurry
^_^), Efreet Custom next, followed by Quin Mantha and Dijeh.

>6th Row: unknown, musai, rerulla??, azzam?, unknown, colony lasar??!!

Jagd Doga (Gyunei Gass colors), Musai Ex (aka "refit" or "modified") from
Zeta Gundam, Musaka from CCA, Azzam, Dopp fighter, and I had NO idea about
that last pic, but you may be right about a colony laser (mabye the original
Solar Ray?).

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