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Myself and Shimigami/Soimichiro/whatever-he's-called-this-week writes:

> > Actually, they did. We once again see Trowa's flashback
> > scene from Endless
> > Waltz, where the "real" Trowa Barton is talking to him
> > and showing him his
> > picture of baby Mariemaia. In the background is the chest
> > for the Heavyarms
> > Ver. Ka, just like in the animation.
>Uhm, it was in that dark blue and green design right? I
>thought that the Hajima Katoki version of H-arms Kai had
>that color scheme. Didn't the Ver Ka of the original H-arms
>follow the old yellow-white-orange?
>...Gosh, and I thought trying to figure put the physics in
>Wing was hard enough...

Yep, yet ANOTHER inconsistency. First we have Katoki go and retroactive
redesign almost everything, THEN after that fact he goes and changes not
only the paint schemes of the Heavyarms (from blue-and-green back to orange)
and the Deathscythe (remember, the NEW Ver. Ka. has a white head, not a
black one), but the shoulders of the Deathscythe change as well, to look
more similar to Ookawara's original Deathscythe. And I am getting SOOOOOO
tired of people emailing me from my web site to tell me what I already know
about the Ookawara version/Katoki version mess, OR to try to convince me
that, just because they read that "Blind Target" manga (parts of which I
simply CAN'T accept), they think that the original Ver. Ka.'s were built
first, then changed at the very last minute to the original Ookawara
versions, THEN upgraded halfway thru the TV series into the Ookawara
upgrades, AND THEN changed BACK to look similar to the original Ver. Ka.'s.
And then AFTER THE FACT, he goes and changes not only the paint jobs on the
Heavyarms Ka. and Deathscythe Ka., but the Deathscythe's shoulder armor as
well. I CAN'T KEEP UP!!!!! :-)

>Arguing over Yuy/Yui's sounds way more sensible now. O_o

Yes. Yes, it does indeed. However, The Bandai says it's "Yuy." The Bandai
is always right. I will listen to The Bandai. I will not ignore The
Bandai's recommendations. The Bandai... IS GOD! :P (Sorry, I started going
on a Babylon 5 binge again last night, couldn't resist.)

-Burke "Burkenator" Rukes

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