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On Mon, 14 Aug 2000 02:12:56 -0700 Edward Ju <> wrote:
>>After a little bit of searching, I found where I read
>You know, I think all this Kou-bashing is pretty uncool. Beating a dead
>horse to the ground is only fun for so long. I mean, if you want to whine
>about how pussywhipped and sucky an anime hero is, look no further than
>Macross. Here's a guy who's even more indecisive when it comes to women,
>and look what happened to him in the end - both women left him. At least
>Kou managed to keep Nina in the end.

Um, who are you talking about? Hikaru? I'm seem to recall that in the end, he ends up marrying Misa, and they both invite Minmei to go with them on the Megaroad-01, which she agrees to.


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