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> << Don't worry...it's only a matter of time before a UC show comes out
> us
> a "new" barrier that can't be penetrated by a VSBR. :) >>
> Actually, that's true to life. Castle's where a very good defense,
> gun powder and cannon's where invented, that could easily smash a castle
> When a new armor is invented, something alway's comes along that can
> through it, then a new armor's invented to stop that weapon and the
> cycle goes on and on! :)

Well looking around the various web-sites I'm starting to doubt my own story
anyway. I guess there IS no word of VSBR's versus I-field barriers. Duh.
Guess I'll need to brush up on my reading comprehension.

To change the subject....

Has anybody seen Ehrgeiz? I just bought the six volumes(twelve episodes)
and thought it was freakin' neat excpet for the very very very end which was
a stylistic downer. (Note. I'm not talking about the plot, just the actual
end...as in the way it "frame by frame" was cheap and not very impressive or

It's pretty much Gundam crossbred with Crusher Joe and maybe a smigeon of
Akira/Please Save my Earth.

It was fun, melodramatic, had a decent if corny soundtrack, neat mecha
designs, and a pretty impressive cast of characters and bad guys. I think
guys who like the Jovian Chronicles RPG might get a kick out of it too.

I got out my German/English dictionary and the best translation I could come
up with for Ehrgeiz was "Honest Greed."

Ehr= true, honest, worthwhile...
Geiz=greed, avarice, material ambition.

Anyway it's my new odd topic d'jour I guess.


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