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Mon, 14 Aug 2000 01:11:16 EDT

I just finished my MG GP01 last week. From the picture I saw of the new HG
GP01, I feel that the MG version has better proportion than the HG. The
upper legs of the HG are just too short, that makes the body look bulky. The
knee caps of the HG are fixed, unlike the separate knee caps of the MG.
In my opinion, the GP02A has the worst design of all the Gundams in the 0083
series. I just hate those two huge rocket boosters and big feet! I just hope
Bandai will never make any more GP02a.

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>oom9@crosswinds.net writes:
><< I've been shying away from the 0083 models because they're supposed to
> pretty bad, but I've heard that the Gerbera Tetra is an exception.
> I'd like to read a few more opinions on this kit before I purchase it...
> >>
> Well, I know nothing about the 0083 kits, but an HGUC GP01 is going to
>released sometime this Month, so I'd get that instead of the original GP01
> Since my MG GP01 kit is so fragile, I am hoping the HGUC kit is one dang
>good kit! :) I hope Bandai eventually releases the GP02 as well.
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