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Sun, 13 Aug 2000 20:58:11 -0700 (PDT)

--- Burke Rukes <> wrote:
> >There's a bit of inconsistency in design since the
> >operation meteor chapter shows the Kunio Ookawara
> versions
> >of the mechs and yet the Wing Zero shown in the
> Preventer 5
> >chapter is the one made by Hajime Katoki (i was hoping
> they
> >might use the Ver. Ka gundams even once).
> Actually, they did. We once again see Trowa's flashback
> scene from Endless
> Waltz, where the "real" Trowa Barton is talking to him
> and showing him his
> picture of baby Mariemaia. In the background is the chest
> for the Heavyarms
> Ver. Ka, just like in the animation.

Uhm, it was in that dark blue and green design right? I
thought that the Hajima Katoki version of H-arms Kai had
that color scheme. Didn't the Ver Ka of the original H-arms
follow the old yellow-white-orange?

...Gosh, and I thought trying to figure put the physics in
Wing was hard enough...

Arguing over Yuy/Yui's sounds way more sensible now. O_o


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