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>> >Did the PG Zeta include the catalog?, I can't remember if it did or
>> >Does anybody have an extra one or are willing to sell?
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>> AFAIK the PG Zeta only comes with a hologram card, which is a 1st-pressing
>> exclusive. The MG Sazabi comes with a Bandai 2000 catalog for Gundam kits
>> (features mainly new releases), if you are talking about the MG catalog
>> Gus just got, it comes with 1st pressing kits of the MG ZZ.
>> Eddie
>I think that's it, the one with the Gundam on the cover.

I was talking about the one with ZZ Gundam on the cover. There is a
Bandai 2000 catalog that has the same cover as version 2.0 of Dengeki's
Gundam Models Perfect Catalog Ver 2.0, the contents show the box cover art
of all the kits in release and nothing else. The one you are talking
about sounds like the one that came with the MG Sazabi, although I don't
remember what was exactly on the cover, since I flipped through it once and
threw it back to the box (BAD idea).


>- Thomas -
>eBay seller I.D.: msvgundam
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