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Does anyone know the functionability of this suit? Seems like building the
software would be as challenging as the hardware. Then again, that kind of
stuff is Greek to me.
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I was looking through 's news archive and I ran across
this article:

"Gah! Life-Sized Gundam - 07:15
Japanese video gaming magazine Famitsu has shown pictures of what appears to
be a full-sized working robot which looks to be a 1:3 scale MSZ-006 Zeta
Gundam. The robot is 7 meters tall and has a chassis made out of metal and a
body made out of FRP, a type of fiberglass. The red section opens up to
reveal a real sit-down cockpit. Allegedly there are six hydraulic servos
that operate each leg. The guy who built this is named Nakamoto, 36, who
claims that he's no fan of anime or Gundam. He just wanted to build a giant
walking robot.

Source: Toonami Revolution"

here are the pics:

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