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What?! G-Saviour is live-action? Far out. I don't know what to think. In
fact, I'm having a really hard time believing this for some reason!
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Sunrise's upcoming Live-Action / CGI Gundam project G-Saviour is expected to
broadcast in Japan soon. The series is set in Earth's future, the problems
an exploding population, food shortage, environmental decay, and an energy
crisis plague humanity. Against this backdrop war and political intrigue

Mankind has moved out into space colonies which are ruled along with Earth
a united government, the Congress of Nations. Enviromental researcher
Graves and a team of research interns infiltrate a deep sea laboratory led
an ex-Congressional army pilot, Mark Curran. A military team led by Curran's
old rival Lieutenant Colonel Jack Halle descends on the lab apprehending the
intruders. Curran discovers that Cynthia stole samples that, when combined
with formula of her creation, form new underwater plant species named
Bioluminesence that could turn the world's ocean floors into farms where
can be grown to cull the Earth food crisis. But this is'nt in the plans of
General Garneaux, the Ambitious Earth Autonomous Region governor-general and
Halle's comanding officer. Mark's discovery brings an attempt on he and
Cynthia's life and they flee to the space colony Gaea. Mark must enter the
cockpit once again, this time piloting a Gundam Mobile Suit and defend the
Gaea space colony from attack.

A Play Station 2 G-Savior videogame is out in Japan September 14th at a
price of 7,800 Yen.

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