Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Sun, 13 Aug 2000 13:38:07 -0700

>I ordered mine from HLJ the other day,half way through construction i noticed
>that the clear plastic backbone of the face(part K-1) was missing. I had
>throughly checked all the individual plastic bags that the kit came in and
>the only time i opened it was ontop of a fairly large sized table,so the
>thing couldnt have fallen off. Could bandai have screwed up and i cant finish
>it?Does Bandai offer a sort of replacement part for parts that the assembly
>line missed in putting in the kit?Can anyone help me?
> -frustrated mech man,Jimbo

HLJ sells replacement parts for people who ordered the kits from them, but
in your case I don't think you should pay for it, if the part was indeed
missing when they shipped your kit. They are supposed to send you a
replacement part or the whole kit without charging you any additional fees.
Like Gus said, good luck, you're gonna need it.


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