Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Sun, 13 Aug 2000 13:28:46 -0700

Thomas wrote:

>Well, after 8 hours into the kit. I only finished the legs, waist, upper
>body, backpack and head. And I'm somewhat impressed.
>1. The plastic for the outer shell seems to be a bit flimsy/cheap when
>compared to other
> MG's, maybe because of the size and the way they flare out. For
>something of this size
> and price, you would figure that the lit would be sturdy, it's not -
>referring to the shell.
>2. Pay special attention to the Beam Tomahawk, it extends.
>3. The plastic molds for the head assembly are of cheaper plastic.
>4. I don't care for the vinyls that're included - for the Beam Sabers and
>5. The fuel cylinders?, aren't secure enough and should be a tad bit longer.

Dude, my worst fears after checking the kit out briefly have been confirmed...
this is just a kit that impresses you with size.

Considering how much fanfare and development usually accompany a new MG
release, the sudden appearance of the Sazabi (relatively short span between
announcement and release) and the recent crop of MGs tend to show that they
were cranked out, unlike the earlier labors of love that has gone through
severeal prototypes and revisions.

I am just glad that at least the MG Sazabi doesn't seem to have the GP-02A's
problem of holding up a huge chuck of plastic for a shield.


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