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When I was there last June, they had a few Titans MG Mark II(One of which I
bought) No Wing kits whatsoever(Except an SD BB Musha Heavyarms custom)1/144
Turn As and Flats, a first Grade Zaku II(Char type)1/100 Turn As and Sumos,
and a few older kits(Char's Rick Dias and Dressein) The kits that you
mention as currently being at the store, were these stocked after June?

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I live in Keene.
Toy City's selection is very limited right now, they are having trouble
a steady supply because of the current GW "mania".
Currently at the store , if memory serves correctly, 3 different EW kits, 2
Gundam kits, 2 MG's of UC, I think and various 1/144 scale kits of other
series/anime. I was told that a "new" shipment is due at the end of this

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Chris Maier wrote:

> Does anybody know what Gundam model kits they currently have in stock at
> City in Keene, New Hampshire? I'm going to college at Keene(and no, I'm
> going there just because a place that sells Gundam models is nearby)later
> this month and the model shop is just a walk across the street. Anybody
> who's a Keene resident(I know there are one or two on this ML) now about
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