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It's kind of funny....I think part of the reason that a lot of people
dislike The Phantom Menace is because that it involved a lot of politics if
you looked into it, unlike the other three films(Although SW:ANH had some
politics). There wasn't too many politics in 0083 though; Cima was kind of
hard to figure out, I didn't figure out that her relation with Anaheim was
actually part of Delaz's plan until I saw him smiling when the lasers hit
the colony. As for her Federation ties-now that wasn't Delaz's plan at

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>Anyway, I personally think that gundam
>has too much politics/tactics and not enough action. A 8 or 9 years old
>is not going to figure out what is going on (especially the Cima fleet, it
>a nightmare for me to explain...). This will restrict gundam to certain
>groups of people, it is not made to target a wide audience. Although it is
>long lasting cartoon (for now) but it will never capture more than a few %
>the world's population.

Perhaps it is better that way. If you try to get a wide audience you would
lose what makes gundam great, a healthy mix of politics, tactics, and action
(there is always at least one mecha battle during an episode). But I
understand what you are getting at. O_O cartoon...really, gundam is an
anime. ^_^

-No Pants

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